Best Not To Surf A Tsunami

And here I had my board waxed up and ready to go. What a buzzkill!

An exclusive California beach enclave has raised eyebrows by passing out tsunami safety brochures that warn residents, in capital letters, that they should never try to surf one.

The pamphlets, part of an emergency preparedness campaign, inform residents of Malibu that tsunamis often follow large earthquakes and advise: “NEVER GO TO THE BEACH TO WATCH FOR, OR SURF, A TSUNAMI WAVE!”

“I’m speechless,” Malibu surfer Candace Brown told the Los Angeles Times. “I think the last thing people will think about when they feel an earthquake is surfing.” Malibu’s emergency preparedness director said he thought it would be prudent to address all possibilities.

“Some people may feel that we are stating the obvious and some people may not,” Brad Davis said. “We want to encourage people to move away from the coast rather than towards it.”

I’ll keep that in mind.

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