Best Super Bowl Halftime Show: Britney Spears, Aerosmith & ‘N Sync [VIDEO]

Timberlake's Cornrows
18 of the singer's worst looks.
Madonna’s Super Bowl XLVI halftime show last night was pretty fantastic, if only because she included “Vogue” and “Like A Prayer” in the set.  HOWEVER, no halftime show even comes close to Super Bowl XXXV, where Nelly, ‘N Sync, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears and Aerosmith blew the lid of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Those were the days, when Britney’s stomach was VMA-kinda-flat and Justin Timberlake’s hair looked like a chia pet.  2001 was a great year for pop music.

What is your favorite Super Bowl halftime show?  Did you enjoy Madonna’s performance last night?