Best Of 2011: Captioned Photos Of Kate Middleton

December 24th, 2011 // 3 Comments

When we stumbled upon the site, Kate Middleton For The Win, we were addicted.  Anne Clark created clever captions for various photos of Middleton (now HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) that got a right royal laugh out of us.

We asked Clark what inspired her to create this site. “ I typically look around for interesting photos and then ask myself ‘If all I really had to do all day was look awesome and drink champagne, what would I say/complain about?’” she explained.

And is Clark a Middleton fan?  You betcha.  “The way the royals are so public and elegant and yet so mysterious – it’s really pretty magical. Also, Kate is just so ridiculously good looking and sweet it’s really hard not to love her,” Clark said.

Which caption is your favorite?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Kate Middleton Captioned Photos
    Mary Lou
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    What Katie Homes ought to do.. but nawh.. she’s whimpy

  2. Kate Middleton Captioned Photos
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    Catherine Middleton is very beautiful, and seems very educated.She has charisma and you can see she isn’t anybody’s fool.Almost surreal beauty.
    I wish her luck and a very hay new year!

  3. Kate Middleton Captioned Photos
    Just me
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