Best And Worst Dressed At The 2013 Emmy Awards

September 22nd, 2013 // Leave a Comment

We watch Fashion Week and think, “Ooooh, wontcha wear that poofy gown to the Emmy Awards, ____?”  Then, the stars start showing up to the season’s first award show in things like this.

The disappointment looms long after said star walks off the red carpet and into the auditorium, and eventually that disappointment finds itself on interweb pages.  The verdict: “Uggo gown.”  ”Was hoping for something a bit better, love.”

Welp, we selected the good, the bad, and the “hmm, this is weird,” and put them all in one photo album.  What I’d like to know is: Do you agree with us?

Let’s have a proper argument about dresses!


By Kelly Lynch

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