Bennfier is Dead!

January 22nd, 2004 // 3 Comments

Ben, Jen Over
[E Online]

Ding dong, the wicked couple is dead! Not literally, of course. I couldn’t possibly wish that on anyone. Except for David Gest.

It came as a shock to no one. Jennifer finally got tired of compulsive gambler and substance abuser, Ben Affleck. Now it make sense as to why she was partying with Diddy, and hasn’t been wearing the ring (which you know she’s keeping).

Ben will never again find another hottie on the level of Miss Lopez. What level that is, I’m not quite sure.

The question is who will Jennifer seduce next, and be totally in love with for 12 to 18 months?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Vanessa

    “Except,” not “accept.”

  2. OH, I don’t care about J’Lo’s next boytoy or Ben’s next slut mama. ALl I care about is, is she going to KEEP that 6.1 K PINK DIAMOND RING?!?! I mean, I soooo want one of those…

  3. mason

    She better keep it.

    As my Aunt Mary told my sister when her fiancee gave her that 5 carat ring. ‘It’s a sign of how much he loves you.’ Even if you ain’t lovin him no more.

    I am so glad this is over. Now Ben can get back to his husband. I bet Matt’s just tickled pink.

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