Benji Madden Is Quite A Character

Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden hit the streets of West Hollywood looking rather odd with a giant white head. OK, so he was shooting a video for his band, but still, how often does one see Jack from Jack in the Box hanging around?

In fact, how often does one see the King from Burger King, Colonel Sanders from KFC, and Ronald McDonald from McDonalds chilling in a car together? Not very often. That’s probably why the newest video for Good Charlotte took everyone a little bit by surprise. But honestly, wouldn’t it kind of be fun to hang out with those four for a day? Sure your arteries would be clogged the next day and cause a heart attack, but imagine how much fun that day would have been.

Oddly enough, lead singer Joel Madden was surprisingly absent from the video shoot. I haven’t heard anything about Joel leaving the band, have you? I’m guessing he was probably busy working on his new book. Or he was busy helping his girlfriend Nicole Ritchie go to the bathroom. I feel like she’s definitely at that point in her pregnancy where it’s difficult to move.

Now, if you’ll please entertain yourself with some funny pictures while I hop out to get something to eat. Fried Big Mac, anyone?

Gallery Info: Benji Madden and his Good Charlotte bandmates shooting their fast food themed video in West Hollywood.