Benjamin McKenzie Talks About What Makes ‘Southland’ Work [VIDEO]

The cast of Southland, including Benjamin McKenzie, Regina King and Michael Cudlitz (Tony Miller from Beverly Hills, 90210), attended a screening of their TNT drama at the Paley Center For Media.  Audience members were also able to ask questions during a panel.

PHOTOS: Benjamin McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy Shoot Southland In LA

The Paley Center tweeted about the event last night in Beverly Hills, revealing that the show does not use a soundtrack.  Instead, they rely on street noise, as most of the show is shot on location around Los Angeles.  What makes Southland such a great cop show are the stories they use from real police officers. McKenzie remarked that the fourth season will be “explosive,” according to Digital Spy.  McKenzie’s character, officer Ben Sherman, will partner up detective Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy), and their dynamic isn’t awesome.   “Both guys have anger and rage issues. Ben has a longer fuse than Sammy, who wears [his emotions] on his shirt, but I think they can explode in interesting ways,” McKenzie explained.

Check out video of what the stars had to say about the critically-acclaimed drama after the jump.