Benicio Del Toro And Brad Pitt

January 26th, 2006 // 49 Comments

I’ve never noticed this before, but doesn’t Benico Del Toro look quite a bit like Brad Pitt?

Benicio Del Toro is Che Guevara [Just Jared]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Slacker

    HA!!! FINALLY!! I have seriously thought that for years. For a long time I could not tell them apart. It really is wierd how much they look alike.

  2. Brad & Benicio's Girl

    They are both too hot to handle. Give me both please!!!!!!!!

  3. carolina

    Yes. Also makes me think Of Zach on Scrubs too. Brad need to find his “own” identity.

  4. Anna

    Dude, I’ve thought that for awhile too — since Snatch! It’s much easier to see when they’re both right there on the same screen, plus Benecio looks a bit younger to me in Snatch than he usually does.

  5. Benicio is the Spanish Brad Pitt – and Terrence Howard is the black Benicio.

  6. b

    Yeah except Del Toro is not a fuckhead adulterer.

  7. uhm, yeah

    They’re both old and nasty. Next please.

  8. Mariana

    It’s really funny you should mention that. I saw him at Bungalow 8 last night and my friend said “he’s the latin Brad Pitt”. BTW, I never saw so many chicks sweating a guy as I did with Benicio. Get some!

  9. Beth

    Finally!!!!! I have been saying that for soooooooooooooo long and no one else sees it! They look like they could be long lost twins in my opinion!

  10. ang

    i concur…have thot so for a long time!

  11. jodroc

    They look so alike that one of my friends thought Brad actually was really good in 21 Grams. Her illusion was shattered when i explained it was not Brad but the superior, talented Latino version.

    Benicio is hot and steamy and would go off.
    Brad is dull and boring and an average bloke.

  12. Joolz

    No I Dont Think They Look Alike At All, In The Pics U Have Posted They Kind Of Do But In A Lot Of Pics They Dont I Never Even Thought About Them Looking Alike Til That ^^ Post. I Dont Really Like Brad But He Is Way Better Looking Than Benicio. Benicio Is Hideous And He Looks OLD. But Brad Doesnt Look That Old And Hes Good Looking.

  13. ninaradio

    Yeah, I’ve always thought they looked like twins. Well, in a Picture of Dorian Gray, with Benicio as the aging picture of Dorian Gray (with fantastic acting chops, yes, but still…) and Brad as the charmed, fakely youthful looking Dorian Gray.

  14. oooo

    oh, c’mon! how can anybody have not noticed it before ? it’s so obvious.. they’re looking more and more alike now that brad has dark hair and is growing older

  15. winny

    I’ve thought this for years!

  16. They both have a very similar mouth.

    But Benicio’s eyes are very different. Smouldering, even.
    And his persona is very Bogart-like.

    Brad Pitt?…feh.

  17. anni

    Not! Sorry but I don’t see much resemblance except their eyes are wide set. But so what?

  18. penelope

    how about terrance howard/brad pitt–the exact same eyes/smile. gotta love it….

  19. titania

    wow!!!! since his actual look, I was like “huh?, doesnt he look like benicio?….naaaahh….u r crazy girl, if u ever mention this, someone´s gonna laugh at you”….hahaha but finally, we all concur….anyway, I like him blonde….

  20. Tajue

    jodroc is an effing genius.

  21. brad is a cutie

    brad is the most beautiful man in the world. benicio is gorgeous too but brad is hotter. i don’t think they look alike though. they are both excellent actors.

  22. MIssNee

    i have to give it to my pr papi….yummy. brad is nothing be average to me and hardly an excellent actor….IMO

  23. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    thank you Miu for finally putting out there what we have all been thinking for a long time-congrats on a very good blog!

    love both them bad boys and would gladly do naughty things in lifts if the chance ever came up (yeah likely)

  24. moi.

    in this photo, brad reminds me of robert redford

  25. bathina

    benicio used to look a lot like brad when he looked hot (i think of him in “the usual suspects” – he really was a mexican brad!).
    in the last 10 years his face decayed, while brad is more handsmoe than ever (in my opinion)

  26. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    its true that brad has looked after himself a hell of a lot more but Del Toro looks like more fun/dangerous/interesting to be around or hang out with than Brad,thats what makes him attractive

  27. conscience

    what are we all doing?!
    I got excited too that other people thought they were similar….then I stopped and thought WTF….I have stuff to do instead of lose 45 mins sat here reading all our saddisms about hair/ arses/ socialites etc

  28. MissNee

    bathina: Benicio is Puerto Rican, not Mexican

  29. nora

    benicio has definately had his WTF? moments in terms of looks/wardrobe , but overall he was always more interesting and much more attractive than brad pitt to me (and he doesn’t look old for his age, brad just looks young for his)

  30. wiggy

    How the hell have you not noticed this until now — have you been living under a rock for the past 10 years?

  31. Laurie

    Yes of course!, but not in the pics you posted.

    However, Benicio is extraordinarily steamy hot and I’m a huge fan. He’s got that extra something special that makes your knees weak.

    Whereas Brad is just another pretty face. Not a fan.

  32. mutterhals

    Like the other chick said, I’ll take ‘em both, with a side of Hayden Christiansen.

  33. Ttangerine

    Sure, but no contest in reality.

    Smoking hot:

  34. Julia

    I’d do Benicio anywhere, anytime! I’ve always found him very physically attractive.

  35. jenn

    i’m so glad someone else thinks this, and with Brad’s hair dark now i always have to look twice at photos, at first i’d think, ‘holy… angelina has moved on to benicio now? what a whore!’ i’m sure its just a matter of time…

  36. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    Ttangerine: thanks for the photo….hot!

  37. Flamer

    You just noticed that now? Where have you been the past decade?

  38. Smartie pants

    noticed the resemblance at least 6 years ago

  39. Atrain

    omg, that’s so weird ther first time I saw that picture I totally thought it was Brad Pitt, but I thought that is was just me, wow, anyways I think that now more than ever they look alike, because Brad’s been aging pretty badly in the last few years, some people say he looks good, but i think he looks like crap.

  40. XOXO

    Give me Benicio anyday!!!!!

  41. Ttangerine

    Came back and read some of the other comments. Just can’t believe that some of you have never noticed this over the years.

    You need to actually check him out as himself and not as a character in a movie for sure.

    Smiling sweet



    But just plain smokes brad.

    Well, that’s my “I’m a big Del Toro fan” blurb. Anyone who says he and brad have no resemblance just haven’t looked (although Benicio definitely much hotter), and those who don’t think he’s hot? Well… I’m speachless.

    ps. I sure hope those links work!

  42. Alexi

    in those pics…brad is still way hunkier.

  43. Amanda

    Look at the pics of Brad at the World Economic Forum on this site! They are dead-ringers for one another when Brad has the long, floppy hair going on. It’s eery.

  44. lady

    and to think that BP used to be so hot…what a waste…

  45. Bessame

    TOTALLY. For years people have been saying that. Did you see Benicio in “The Fan”? (Yeah, I know, No one did.) Amazing likeness between him and Brad, especially with his blonde highlights. Same with Terrence Howard. A good casting agent would be smart to have the three play half-brothers in something together.

  46. No resemblence.NAMBER2694@AOL.COMiether of them r cute, the only guy i am waiting for is Daniel Radcliffe.No one else i am not a cheater unless i totally forget about him and move on with middle school.

  47. KAW

    I don’t know if you guys know who Karl Urban is…but he could fit in there with Ben, Brad, and Terrance. They all have that same look. That come hump me looks!!!LOL

  48. Marc Thomas

    They resemble one another in there features Nose – mouth – facial structure. Benicio is a True actor!! he’s deep and dangerous charming and funny. Pitt is a “Man Made Actor” cute, boring and a bit charming. Benicio all the way has more “world” appeal. Benicio is the coolest thing since Richard Gere in “Breathless”

  49. Kimberly

    I went out with an actor in Los Angeles Johnny Mastando he reminded me of Benicio in so many ways. I still love them both wink*** The Blonde hair Blue Eyes never did it for me. I like my Boys dark eyed mysterious.

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