Benedict Cumerbatch And David Gandy Are The Hottest Duo Of The Day

Shirtless David Gandy
The male model takes it off for Terry Richardson.
What’s better than Benedict Cumberbatch and David Gandy by themselves? How about Benedict and David together?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Benny and Davy (ooo, that sounds weird) were spotted in London last night attending the launch of chef Jason Atherton‘s new restaurant City Social at Tower 42. What a snazzy Tuesday night.

Benedict opted for a navy suit for the event. I’m rather obsessed with him in those very round glasses. I am, however, having a little trouble with David’s outfit. 

Like, those are some seriously light washed jeans–we’re getting into an 80s look with them–and yet I’m super attracted to him. Normally I’d scoff! This is clearly the power of the Gandy. Also I love that he’s got a full on sexy suit up top and jeans on the bottom. And of course, a pocket square.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night. And try to swoon too hard.