Benedict Cumberbatch Starts A Bromance With Prince William, Looks Dashing As He Does It

Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Because even Benedict is better in GIF form!
So, what do we call the bromance between Benedict Cumberbatch and Prince William?

Prince Wenedict? Cumberlliam? I’m not sure. But the bromance is real. The duo shared a few laughs last night as the celebrated The Royal Marsden at Windsor Castle. What do you think they’re talking about? How great they are? How amazing Benedict looks in his tuxedo? What is going to happen on the next season of Sherlock?

There are truly a lot of questions. I bet Benedict wants to know when he’ll get a “Sir” added to his name. 

And for how good he looks in every single thing he wears, I hope it happens soon. Benedict wasn’t the only fashionable celeb at last night’s event. I’m majorly obsessed with Emma Watson’s look. I can’t imagine it working on anyone else, but on Emma, it’s fab. Can she and Benedict make a movie together? Please? Wait! Can Emma marry Prince Harry?!

OK, I’m basically gonna spend the rest of the day staring at photos of Benedict. He’s so handsome. So charming. So magical. Launch the gallery to check out the best photos from last night and do some staring for yourself. It will bring you joy.

Side note: who is Alexander Spencer-Churchill? Cause he is way hot.