Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up Being Abducted, Dealing With Fans & Being Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Because even Benedict is better in GIF form!
In case you weren’t already a little bit in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, gird your loins, cause it’s about to happen.

The Sherlock actor recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and after an admittedly awkward start, everything started rolling and he showed off just how wonderful he can be.

Benedict revealed the scary story about how he and a group of friends were abducted in South African while he worked on the miniseries To the Ends of the Earth back in 2005. It’s a pretty insane story. 

“We were in South Africa, in KwaZulu-Natal, this amazing district north of Durban. It was cold, and it was dark. I felt rotten. We were wary because that’s a notoriously dangerous place to drive. Then, poof, the front-right tire blows. So we got the spare, but that meant getting all of our luggage out. We were like sitting ducks, adverts for — not prosperity necessarily but materialism.”

As if on cue, 6 armed men came at them from the shadows. “They were like: ‘Look down! Look down! Put your hands on your heads! Look at the floor!’ And they started frisking us and said: ‘Where’s your money? Where’s your drugs?’ — we had smoked a bit of weed — ‘Where are your weapons?’ And at that point, this adrenaline of fight or flight just exploded in my body. I was like, ‘Oh f—, we’re f—ed!’ “

Now this is the point when Benedict starts to cry. The end of the story–something he definitely wants in the interview–is how “how moving it was when a pair of hands — a complete stranger’s — reached down to save him. ‘I looked into this black man’s face, and I cried with gratitude.’ ” Are you crying yet?

Oh, and if you ever meet Benedict, it’s best not to give him a portrait you drew of him. “I’ve kept a couple that are stunning, that are just really beautiful drawings, and the rest I’ve had to give away. And I’ve told fans, ‘Look, I’m very flattered, but what do you expect me to do with it? Think about it. Would you want your room surrounded by drawings of you?’ It’s a bit weird.”

Make sure you read the rest of article here, because it’s awesome. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Benedict’s Hollywood Reporter photoshoot. Sir, we applaud you and your Britishness.