Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Give Us Cute Smiles On The Set Of ‘Sherlock’

Before we get to discussing Sherlock, did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch was a natural ginger?

So glad he decided to dye his hair black! Not that we don’t love Benedict with any color hair, but this whole dark, brooding thing he’s got going on in Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness sets my soul on fire.

Benedict and his Sherlock co-star, Martin Freeman, were spotted on the set of their hit show today wearing their iconic Sherlock and John Watson costumes while giving a few smiles for the camera. I cannot even express to guys my level of excitement for series 3 of Sherlock

We’re gonna find out how Sherlock faked his death AND I’m really hoping we get more of Irene Adler. Cause she awesome. Oh, also I need more Moriarty, because Andrew Scottis amazeballs.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the fabulous duo on set. Are you as stoked about series 3 as I am? Also, I wish I was in the picture Benedict was taking. Then he could remember me forever like I’m remembering him!