Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Cute On Set of ‘Black Mass’, Film Casts Another Veteran Actor

On set of 'Black Mass'
Benedict makes his first appearance on set.
When Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t narrating a documentary for Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s looking cuter than ever on set of his upcoming film, Black Mass.

The actor was spotted filming scenes for the movie as Billy Bulger, yelling ‘No more busing!’ through a megaphone. He looked like a real ’70’s man with his coiffed hair and demure suit and tie.

Speaking of the film, they actually added another veteran actor to their star-studded cast. 

It’s Kevin Bacon! The actor will play FBI Special Agent Charles McGuire, who plays Benedict’s on-screen brother. Apparently his character will have some interest in Johnny Depp’s character, Whitey Bulger.

In case you didn’t recognize Depp, he’s the mafioso looking guy with the receding hairline and bad teeth! The cast also includes Sienna Miller and Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson.

In other more related news to Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC might be bringing back Sherlock for a Christmas special! Don’t get too excited though. It might only be Christmas 2015, since many of the actors of the show are busy with other projects.

In the meantime, let’s launch the gallery to check out photos of Benedict on set of Black Mass.