Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Blonde & Australian As Julian Assange In ‘The Fifth Estate’

Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch can do anything.

If you want him to play a villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, he can  do it. If you want him to then put on his best smile and go promote the movie in Japan, he can do that too. And of course, if you want him to play WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, he can most certainly do that.

And we got our first glimpse of just how well he can do the latter in the trailer for his latest movie, The Fifth Estate, about the WikiLeaks founder. Check it out after the jump! 

Not only is Benedict’s perfect hair covered with a very amusing blonde wig, but he has one quality Australian accent. This man–playing Sherlock one minute and Julian Assange the next. You can watch the trailer for The Fifth Estatebelow! It also stars Daniel Brühl, which is super exciting.

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