Benedict Cumberbatch Continues To Be Perfect, Talks ‘Star Trek’ & Love For All Things David Hasselhoff

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Dearest, darling-est Benedict Cumberbatch. I love you. But that’s beside the point.

The gorgeous and incredibly talented British actor is getting ready to become even more of a hit in Hollywood when Star Trek Into Darkness premieres in May. We’ve seen Benedict as a kick-ass detective in Sherlock, and now we get to see him go evil as John Harrison.

Benedict talked to SFX magazine this month about his villain, who he calls a “homegrown” and “psychological terrorist,” as well as discussing his love for 1980s television. So, what’s all that about David Hasslhoff

Apparently, Benedict didn’t watch Star Trek much as a kid. He was busy with other things. “…I loved Knight Rider and then later Baywatch. I would always try and get near a TV to watch one of those.” He claims that he wasn’t obsessed, but we’re pretty sure there was a nice amount of too much love going on.

What’d Benedict have to say about his Star Trek villain? “He’s a homegrown terrorist, someone who has an inordinate amount of skill with close-hand combat and weaponry. But also as a psychological terrorist he’s someone who can plant an idea that’s as vicious as a bomb and explode loyalties and expose relationships and try and turn people against one another to do his bidding.”

Check out photos of Benedict sporting a newsboy cap on the set of Sherlock last week. How excited are you for his evil role in Star Trek Into Darkness? Let us know how much you love Benedict in the comments!