Benedict Cumberbatch Continues His Parade Of Attractiveness At CineCity Film Festival Party

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself: no amount of Benedict Cumberbatch photos can satisfy me.

So it should come as no surprise to you that we have to highlight Benedict being his incredibly perfect self at the Soho House and Grey Goose party to celebrate the CineCity film festival last night in Brighton, England. Too bad he wasn’t asking for donations at the event. I’m sure he would have gotten them.

I love the scarf on him. Too bad it’s not black. Then he could have channeled Sherlock.

Also, I know he’s not smiling in this photo, but I promise you that there were plenty of smiles coming from Benedict. If you need more smiles in GIF form, feel free to find them here. So, when do you think that he and Tom Hiddleston will make a movie together? Oh! I have an idea! Throw Tom in the movie that Benedict is making with Robert Pattinson. The hotness will be electrifying.

Launch the gallery to check out more photos of Benedict the Cumberbatchian Wonder at the CineCity event. I really wanna get drunk with him and then we can dance like this. Care to join us?