Benedict Cumberbatch Brings Hit Cumber-Beauty To The Set Of ‘Black Mass’ For The Last Time

Yes friend, tears. Tears are what I’m shedding right now because Benedict Cumberbatch’s time on the set of Black Mass has come to an end.

The Sherlock actor wrapped shooting in Boston yesterday, which means he’s gonna go back into hiding and we won’t see any photos of him for a long while. At least that’s what he’s done in the past. Maybe it’ll be different this time! Maybe!

Ooo, does this mean that Black Mass itself is almost done shooting? Cause I’m tired of seeing creepy Johnny Depp

Luckily Benedict looked very good in his costume, so he was a joy to stare at. Then again, I’m pretty sure he would look good in any costume. Or in no costume. Meaning no clothes. Yeah, I like that option. Although I doubt even Benedict can look good in jorts. Sorry world.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Benedict. And remember to appreciate them thoroughly.