Benedict Cumberbatch Actually Looks Quite Sexy In Costume On The Set Of ‘Black Mass’

Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Because even Benedict is better in GIF form!
Oh thank god! Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t look crazy on the set of Black Mass!

The actor was spotted on the Boston set of the movie today, actually looking really good in costume. Clearly Johnny Depp got the short end of the straw with his costume. In fact, Benedict just kinda of looks like himself.

Also, I really like his hair like that. I bet his girlfriend really likes it like that, too. 

I still don’t know who his girlfriend is, but every time I think about it I get sad. Not like really sad cause I’m not a crazy person (sort of), but just like an “aww.” I am looking forward to seeing Benedict and Johnny on set together. That will be a very interesting side by side.

Launch the gallery to check out Benedict on set. I love that he has an umbrella holder. Umbrella holders amuse me. Thoughts on his costume? Let us know in the comments!