Bendy Victoria Beckham Flexes In Giorgio Armani Panties

Posh Spice is back to work at her modeling gig for Armani, posing in what almost looks like a yoga pose while wearing a mere bra and panties.

The black and white photo is all a part of the ongoing advertising campaign Victoria Beckham is doing with the label to promote their lingerie. And somehow, it almost looksl ike the woman has a butt to speak of. It’s amazing what they can do with computers these days.

Meanwhile, Vicky continues to travel in style, seen here arriving at the Heathrow airport in London. Dressed in all black, Mrs. Beckham shows off a splash of color in her favorite way possible–with an expensive purple Hermes Kelly purse.

Gallery Info: Victoria Beckham poses in lingerie for Armani ad campaign and arrives at London’s Heathrow airport carrying a purple Hermes Kelly handbag.