Ben Foster Is ‘The Messenger’ But Bears Good News About His Film

Hollywood heavyweights Ben Stiller and Charlize Theron turned up at a screening for The Messenger starring Ben Foster. The Six Feet Under actor stars in the film as a casualty notification officer in the Army, whose job it is to inform families of their loss.

Woody Harrelson co-stars and Foster tells the L.A. Times that after their experience working together, “He’s my brother.” Foster explains that all the notification scenes were done in one take and adds, “I’ve never cried or laughed in someone’s arms so much as Woody Harrelson’s.”

However, his connection with co-star, Samantha Morton might be a little stronger, but for much different reasons. The actor admits, “I’ve had a severe actor crush on her for years. So getting the opportunity to play with her–she’s Samantha…Morton. A woman who’s very easy to fall in love with.”

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