Ben Affleck Plans New Collaboration With BFF Matt Damon

After all these years, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have managed to remain friends. Now, the two are family men who have settled down and Ben says it’s only made them grown closer.

“It’s a different kind of satisfaction being around your friends, the friends you grew up with. They have kids, have barbecues and that kind of deal. That is really satisfying, too,” Affleck told People magazine.

So, Ben is busy right now, promoting his film State of Play. But he also hinted at the possibility that he and his old buddy Matt are considering teaming up again on the big screen. “Supposedly we’re doing this thing next year,” Ben admitted.

“He doesn’t mind taking a year to wait. I would love to, it’s great, and we’re both busy. Matt lives in Miami, so it’s hard to get a chance to see him. If we work together it’s an excuse to hang out,” Affleck confided. Aww, it’s springtime and bromance is in the air.

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