Ben Affleck Enjoys His Starbucks

July 5th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Last month’s cityrag pictorial display of celebrities drinking their Starbucks, and in turn giving free publicity to the coffee chain, gave us an idea. We are hoping that the staff of A Socialite’s Life can score some free Starbucks, by posting photos of celebrities drinking their product. So, without further adieu, the first in the Starbucks series is Ben Affleck (sporting that wedding ring).

With the plastic cup, we can assume that Ben is drinking an iced beverage. Typically with a domed top, the drink would have a whipped cream topping, however, I’m not seeing any whipped cream. I’m going with an Iced Caffé Americano as Ben’s drink of choice.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Toronto Carl

    Ben is reading the Globe and Mail, “Canada’s National Newspaper”. Does anyone know where he is in Canada and what he is filming?

  2. samsang

    He’s in Van as Jennifer is filming a movie there.

    Paul Martin is hot.

  3. Ben reading Globe & Mail. He just raised him wayyyy up in credibility. Good job Ben!

    He’s in Vancouver with JenG. She’s filming Catch & Release there.

  4. I think that’s a great idea, and if you get a free thermos out of it, write me and I’ll take it off your hands.

  5. Terry

    The Globe & Mail is an outstanding publication. TorontoCarl is clearly an idiot.

  6. ilostmyshoe

    Let’s not split hairs over the fine news publications out of Canada.

    Ben Affleck can read ?? Hmm, maybe he’s just trying to figure out the Word Jumble.

    Ooh…better comment

    Today’s Headline.

    “Marrying your baby’s momma still not a good career move”

  7. mary

    he thinks he is an entellectual. Actually he was better with Lopez. He made a mistake by listening his mama and his Mattys advise for breaking up.

  8. Fuck Starbux. Go Dawgs!

  9. Like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I absouloutly adore this like ben affleck is like totally such a hunk! lol and i totally frekin saw him!!!!!!!!! one day at work! Toodles and kisses! muah!

    LOVE~Billy Bob -Joe

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