Ben Affleck And His (Well, Our) ‘Town’

Ben Affleck
’s latest Boston-based flick, The Town (out September 17th) has people psyched to get to theaters and check out their favorite masshole in action.  Affleck, a bay state resident like yours truly, took the, um, essence of Boston and smeared it all over the screen.  If you want to see foul-mouthed born-and-raised vagabonds raise hell in the Commonwealth, then get thee to The Town.  Affleck sat down with EW’s PopWatch to discuss our hometown and its part in great cinema.

Ahem.  The Town is already generating Oscar buzz and follows in the footsteps of great movies that used Boston as its background-namely The Departed and Mystic River.  What kind of inspiration does Affleck draw from Les Town du Bean?  And how the hell did they get away with filming at Fenway?  Affleck (at the Venice Film Festival with co-star Rebecca Hall yesterday) said,

We shot 13 days there for The Town, so there was some
concern. I have a long relationship with the Red Sox ownership group.
I’ve done some stuff with them for the Jimmy Fund charity, and they’re
good people. I promised that I wouldn’t actually show the real way
money was brought in and out of Fenway Park. The new owners have really
opened up the place. They actually have weddings on the field. I think
you can get married there for $25,000. So we were shooting with
automatic weapons there and we fired off a full mag and, we didn’t know
it, but there were some people getting married. People were screaming!
They thought they were under attack! I don’t know if we ruined a
wedding or if it will end up a great story.

Dying DYING to see Blake Lively try to pull off a Boston accent.  Since Julianne Moore got a big, fat F- on hers, I’m don’t have a lot of faith in Lively, who rocks the tired Charlestown-Mom-With-Silver-Hoops look way too well.  And Jeremy Renner looks like someone I went to high school with.  But Jon Hamm.  Man, oh man.  They don’t grow dreamboats like that in Massachusetts.

Go Pats.