Ben Affleck Has His Priorities Straight

October 18th, 2007 // 12 Comments

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Red Sox Nation represent! Damn Indians. Ben Affleck said “screw this, man” and slipped out of the NYC premiere of his first directorial effort “Gone, Baby, Gone” to watch the Sox lose to the Indians. Who wouldn’t? There’s only so many canapes you can eat and he’s on the wagon. The flick, which stars his younger brother Casey in the lead, is getting good reviews but you know he’s sick of it. The Sox are on! Ben also expressed some nerves about showing his film to the public.

“I just get nervous and think that every chair creak or cough, people hate it,” Affleck said of his directorial debut. “And when someone says they thought the movie was good, [I think], you’re lying to me!”

No, they were lying to you about every other movie you ever made. Except for “Good Will Hunting”. If he slipped out of his movie premiere and it cursed our asses, I’m going to smack the shit out of him.


By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    Chasing Amy was about the best thing old Ben was involved in.

  2. Oh J. Harvey – I thought you were PERFECT, until I found out you were a Bosox fan…..

  3. TS

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. peachpie

    ok. are j. and lisa BOTH from boston? i am confused. i thought lisa was, but maybe it’s just j. LMAO @ “just j.”…. like ‘just jack’. i know he’s heard it a billion times before, but hey, i like to share my little epiphanies.

  5. ladeeda

    Let me second that:
    Go Tribe!

  6. CattyCat

    I loved you before, but I love you even more now that I know that you are a member of Red Sox Nation. GO SOX!

    …although I don’t know if I can bear to watch tonight.

  7. Zekers

    Jennifer Garner was the best thing that ever happened to this dude!
    My favorite Affleck work was Good Will Hunting…

  8. krystyn

    GO SOX!

  9. stolidog

    wow, he and Matt Damon have really come a long way from when they used to boink each other furiously, day in and day out. Remember those days? They’re like, upsanding family men now.

  10. miss sha sha


  11. Interloper

    I have no hate for the Ben. Apart from the Sox thing. Hate those scruffy mammoths. Let’s go CLEVELAND!

  12. Poor Bennie! He looks so thin – his pants don’t even fit him (check out his belt in the second photo…)

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