Ben Affleck Has His Priorities Straight

(Getty Images)

Red Sox Nation represent! Damn Indians. Ben Affleck said “screw this, man” and slipped out of the NYC premiere of his first directorial effort “Gone, Baby, Gone” to watch the Sox lose to the Indians. Who wouldn’t? There’s only so many canapes you can eat and he’s on the wagon. The flick, which stars his younger brother Casey in the lead, is getting good reviews but you know he’s sick of it. The Sox are on! Ben also expressed some nerves about showing his film to the public.

“I just get nervous and think that every chair creak or cough, people hate it,” Affleck said of his directorial debut. “And when someone says they thought the movie was good, [I think], you’re lying to me!”

No, they were lying to you about every other movie you ever made. Except for “Good Will Hunting”. If he slipped out of his movie premiere and it cursed our asses, I’m going to smack the shit out of him.


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