Ben Savage And Rider Strong To Direct ‘Girl Meets World’

'Girl Meets World'
The cast takes us behind the scenes on set of 'Girl Meets World'
The buzz around Girl Meets World continues to grow as the June 27th premiere approaches. We already know many familiar faces are returning as stars and guest stars on the series, but it turns out Rider Strong and Ben Savage were both pegged to direct episodes of the new series, a task neither had the opportunity to partake while starring in the original series, Boy Meets World.

Savage spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his directorial debut, which he describes as a “natural progression” because of his connection to the series and the story. “I had always wanted to direct and I felt such a personal connection to the show. It was an important piece of my life really. Directing was a natural next step for me and it’s something I was looking forward to doing.”

For his part, Strong told The Chicago Tribune that “to be able to direct (“Girl Meets World”) brought me peace with the entire project.” He also expressed an interest in returning to direct more episodes of the series, but don’t expect him to permanently reprise the role of Shawn Hunter. Strong is distancing himself from acting unless it is something “very different” because he finds writing and directing “more creatively satisfying.”

Both men have now wrapped their respective episodes and fans can look forward to catching their work when the show premieres this summer on Disney Channel.

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