Ben McKenzie Gets Intense As The Filming For ‘Gotham’ Starts Up

March 17th, 2014 // 1 Comment

It seems that the world can never get enough of our favorite superheroes, and now we’ll be able to see them not only just on the big screen, but weekly on our TVs as well.

Filming began recently for a new TV series called Gotham, based on the characters from DC Comics. Ben McKenzie will be starring in the series, and was spotted getting intense on set in the first days of filming. Someone’s excited to be bringing Batman back. 

Filming is taking place in Brooklyn, New York currently, and the series wasted no time filming the more thrilling scenes. Ben ran around corners and jumped over walls, all the while holding a gun in his hand. I feel like every action movie or TV show nowadays includes a scene like that, where the main character is running alone with his gun, either chasing or being chased. It’s basically a genre necessity.

Besides Ben there are a few other stars, such as Jada Pinkett Smith, that are also set to be in the series. I can’t wait to see who they pick to play the villains. Those are hard characters to pull off.

It’ll be interesting to see Ben in an action series as opposed to The OC, where he wore a whole lot of wife beaters. Not that any of us minded. Hopefully this series will have just as great wardrobe choices.

By Caitlin Anders

  1. Steff

    uh…Ben was in the action packed series Southland as an L.A. cop for 5 yrs, great, unerappreciated show that he spent much of running around and being a badass. Am thinking that is why he got this part, not a teen show he was in 10 yrs ago.

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