Ben McKenzie Gears Up For Season 4 Of ‘Southland’ [VIDEO]

The Power Of 'Southland'
Southland gets picked up for a fourth season.
Benjamin McKenzie
Benjamin McKenzie gets his fitness on
We are SO excited for Southland to return January 17th on TNT (10pm PST).  Benjamin McKenzie did a stellar job as Officer Ben Sherman, especially when he reamed John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) out for not pulling his weight due to prescription pill abuse.  Sherman later dropped Cooper off at rehab, and was then partnered up with Detective Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy), whose partner, Detective Nate Morretta (Kevin Alejandro) was assaulted by a gang member and killed. 

Fans are very interested to watch the dynamic between Sherman and Bryant, since they both have very strong personalities.  McKenzie and Hatosy talked about the upcoming season in the video after the jump.

Are you a fan of Southland?  Who is your favorite character?