Ben McKenzie And Donal Logue Celebrate Batman Day On The Set Of ‘Gotham’, Ben Practices His Serious Face

Hey everyone! Happy Batman Day!

Clearly it was a very important day on the set of Gotham, as stars Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue got a visit from a super cute kid wearing a Batman mask. Oh, children dressed as comic book characters, how I love thee.

Ben and Donal didn’t only pose with cute kids this week. They also filmed what looks to be a very intense crime scene. I assume it’s intense because of Ben’s face. 

That’s some Ryan from The OC realness he’s got going on there. Honestly, he’s super sexy with a scowl or a smile. I’ll take him either way. So what did you guys do to celebrate Batman Day? It’s also Hot Dog Day and Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop day, but clearly Batman is more important. Just kidding, hot dogs are god’s gift.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set of Gotham. Everyday I just get more and more excited about this show. Especially for when Ben is gonna start rocking that mustache and those glasses.