Ben McKenzie And Donal Logue Are Clearly Having A Grand Time On The Set Of ‘Gotham’

There are a few fall shows that I am beyond excited about. We’ve got The Flash, Galavant (which is technically mid-season) and, of course, Gotham.

If you’re not already excited about the latter, then maybe these photos of Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue on set yesterday will change your mind. Also, I will accept any and all opportunities  to stare at Ben.

The duo were having quite a fun time on set together, although I doubt any of the laughs will make it into the show. 

Judging from the teaser trailer that was released this week, Gotham seems more in tune with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films, than Tim Burton’s more comical ones. And that’s fine with me, because we can enjoy funny Ben and Donal off screen.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the boys on set. Can I call them boys? Should I call them men? How about dudes? It doesn’t really matter, because I know you just want to stare at Ben. And don’t forget to watch the teaser below. Alright, how excited are you for Gotham?!