Ben Fogle Shows Off His Abs, Plans To Swim Across The Atlantic [PHOTOS]

Meet Ben Fogle, British television presenter, extreme sportsman and guest at William and Kate’s royal wedding.  He’s trekked to the south pole, ran across the Sahara Desert and now he wants to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.  Fogle appeared (shirtless) at the Serpentine lake in London’s Hyde Park today (May 23rd) to announce his latest challenge.

Fogle will undertake the 3000-mile swim next year in his bid to become the second person to achieve the feat.  He plans to swim up to 12 hours a day starting from American and (hopefully) ending in Cromwell, using the support of a yacht for sleeping, eating and logging his stop and start positions each day.  This, according to The Great Atlantic Swim, will ensure that Fogle swims the entire distance himself.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing but I never knew if it was possible or not,” Fogle, 38, said at the launch.  “It’s a massive challenge, easily the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a particularly competent or confident swimmer but I love the ocean and I love a big challenge. It genuinely is into the realm of the unknown.  It does scare me because I really don’t know what is going to happen. Only one person has done this but that is what attracted me towards this.” 

Fogle, according to the Press Association, acknowledged a few of the challenges he’ll face on the swim.  “Solitude and loneliness will be the biggest obstacles. Psychologically it will be very hard. Then of course there is the physical damage on the shoulders and the arms, salt burn, icebergs, sharks – all of those things are factors as well.”  Sharks?  Peace out, girl scout.

Fogle’s swim will raise money for youth homeless charity Centrepoint, aid in research for the University of Southampton and work with the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Plastics Ocean Foundation to raise awareness of the state of our oceans.