Ben Affleck Talks Directing Success At ‘The Company Men’ Premiere

Ben Affleck talked about his transition to directing at the New York City premiere yesterday of his new film The Company Men. Affleck took a solely acting role in the new film, but took the opportunity to speak about The Town, which he directed and has started to get Oscar buzz.

“I’m obviously really proud of ‘The Town’ and really pleased that people got a chance to see it,” Affleck said. “I worked with a great cast in that movie. And, you know, writing and directing and all that stuff was so much work it almost killed me, so I’m glad that the movie got to come out.”

But Affleck still likes taking a backseat and just acting sometimes, as he did with his newest project, co-starring Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones.

“[‘The Company Men’ is] a small movie about something that really moved me when I read about it,” the father of two said. “It has a lot of spirit, you know, even though it’s about the economic struggles, there’s still a lot of hope in the movie.”