Ben Affleck Shows Off His Shiner

Ben Affleck with his wife Jennifer Garner (clearly not pregnant) took their daughter, Violet, on a family outing in their neighborhood in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA yesterday sporting a black eye.  Unclear how he got the shiner but it seems like he’s really proud of it, going without sunglasses as he strolled along with his fam

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In other semi-related news, a man and a woman dressed up as nuns robbed a bank in Chicago, taking an undisclosed about in cash.  Why is this relevant?  The costumes they wore were like the ones featured in Ben’s latest movie, ‘The Town.’ 

Oops! I bet those involved with the movie didn’t want to give people an example on what to wear when they commit a felony.  Whatever, it isn’t their fault.  These criminals just didn’t have any imagination to think up their own disguises.  Let’s hope they get caught soon!