Ben Affleck Casts Scoot McNairy In New Film, Brunches With Family

I don’t know how he did it, but Ben Affleck suddenly went from hot-but-OK actor to hot-and-fantastic director! Seriously! Well, I guess we can’t all be too surprised. His only Oscar nomination and win came for writing a screenplay, not acting in it. Maybe he’s just better behind the camera.

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In any case, Ben is assembling himself quite a nice cast for his new film Argo. indieWire reports that he just recently cast Scoot McNairy in the film “a based-in-fact tale of a CIA agent who fakes a movie shoot in order to rescue a group of diplomats trapped in Tehran after the 1979 revolution.” You guys may know Scoot from his role in Monsters and if not from there you’re sure to see him popping up all over the place for Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Also, his name really is Scoot. I’m serious!

Even though he is a big, hot shot director, Ben still makes sure to make time for family. Ben, wife Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet and Seraphina were spotted leaving a restaurant in Pacific Palisades together after a family breakfast. They really like doing these family things. Just the other they were all spotted at the Farmer’s Market together. I love it! Check out the gallery to see some super cute Ben and Seraphina bonding photos.