Ben Affleck Hosts ‘SNL, Bill Hader & Fred Armisen Say Goodbye, Kanye Performs

Ben Affleck Shows Skin
And a tattoo you wouldn't believe!
Oh what a night!

Last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live was filled with nostalgia, as Ben Affleck returned to host for the fifth time, while cast members Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader bowed out with their final SNL show. Watch clips from the show below.

It was an unusual hosting turn for Affleck, who gave his opening monologue with wife Jennifer Garner by his side and devoted the moment to an apology to her (of sorts). Affleck raised a couple of eyebrows with his Oscar acceptance speech earlier this month, when he mentioned that his marriage to the actress was “work”. In front of the SNL cameras, however, he was all remorse, saying: “I couldn’t do any of the things I do without you” and so on and so forth, until Garner jokingly noted that he was, in fact, just reading from the cue cards. Oh well, it was a noble try anyway. 

But the night definitely belonged to Hader, Armisen and Sudeikis, all of whom went out on a high note with their final sketch performing with Armisen’s Brit punk character and singing “It’s a Lovely Day.”

And Stefan married Anderson Cooper. All is right in the world.

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