Ben Affleck Hits A Car, But Leaves A Note [PHOTOS]

Ben Affleck and his girls
Ben Affleck spends some quality time with his daughters!
Ben Films With Justin
Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake on movie set.
Argo is picking up a lot of critical acclaim, and Ben Affleck spoke to the Huffington Post about the blood, sweat and tears involved in taking actual events and translating them to the big screen.

“I definitely had the sense that I had a very strong ethical obligation to tell the story truthfully because, among other reasons, it has resonance to things that are going on today,” Affleck explained.

“I tried to make a movie that is absolutely just factual,” the Osar winner continued.  “And that’s another reason why I tried to be as true to the story as possible — because I didn’t want it to be used by either side. I didn’t want it to be politicized internationally or domestically in a partisan way. I just wanted to tell a story that was about the facts as I understood them. 

On Saturday (October 6th), Affleck took his daughters Seraphina and Violet to Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, CA.  Affleck accidentally hit a parked car, knocking off its mirror.  According to Gossip Cop, Affleck left a note with his information for the driver: “Hi! knocked off your mirror.  Very sorry! Will cover everything – Ben.”