Belieb It: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Flaunt Their Romance

Caught red-handed: Justin Bieber, 16, and Selena Gomez, 18, were spotted for the first publicly holding hands while taking a stroll down Santa Monica Pier, both wearing that ‘puppy love’ look upon their face and laughing when they realized the paps had caught them.

I guess both have grown tired of the charade that they aren’t dating, especially when they are just trying to appease rabid fanbases. I say to hell with that – if y’all are in love and happy, then other people need to get over it. They are fans, they don’t own you. But the death threats are nothing to scoff at…

Kim Kardashian received death threats from hundreds of ‘Beliebers’ when she and the singer joked about a mutual crush. I’m sure that Kim didn’t realize that people were just looking for reasons to send her death threats.

Recently, a bold fan quizzed Justin during an MTV question and answer session if he was dating the Disney singer and actress. He coyly replied: “I think anyone would be lucky to date her. She’s a great person.”

Prior to this, the pair were seen kissing on a yacht over New Year’s, confirming their romance.