Being Married To Jude Law Wasn’t Awesome Says Sadie Frost

Sadie Frost says in her new tell-all memoir that life with ex-husband Jude Law was enough to drive a woman insane (hence the title, Crazy Days). Sienna Miller, are you listening? The memoirs are currently being serialized in the London Mail, though Law tried to prevent them from getting published. Sorry Jude, guess you won’t be keeping this dirt from us!

The two first met when Frost was 26 and Law was 19, barely making enough money as an actor to live on. The two popped out three kids just as Jude’s career took off and, no surprise, Sadie could barely handle it.

“The more we had to socialize at grand dinner parties in Hollywood,
the more I felt my self-esteem slipping away,” Sadie writes. “Soon I admitted
defeat and went to see a doctor, who diagnosed post-natal
depression and put me back on medication.”

“The more I worried about my condition, the more self-obsessed I
became and the less attention I gave to Jude,” she added.

Frost was at one point
admitted to a California psychiatric institution, unable to leave. When she returned to London after the stay, “My marriage to Jude Law was over,” she writes.

Well it seems like Jude law is good at two things that will make his next marriage a happy one (he and Miller are pictured on holiday in Italy on July 17): making women crazy (looking at you, Sienna) and knocking them up!