Being Pregnant Hasn’t Stopped Kerry Washington From Continuing To Work Her Butt Off

Kerry Washington On Elle
Kerry Washington covers Elle magazine.
I imagine that suggesting to a celebrity that they might take some time off while they’re pregnant would be the same to them as suggesting they quit the entertainment industry forever. It just isn’t going to happen.

Kerry Washington is pregnant yet still as fast paced as ever. She was seen hanging out on the set of Scandal, carrying her dog around and waving to fans as she passed them. Her parents even stopped by the set, probably to make sure that their future grandbaby hadn’t arrived yet. I’m sure they’re more excited to meet baby than anyone else. 

Kerry had her baby shower this past weekend, hosted at creator of Scandal Shonda Rhimes house. All of her close family and friends were in attendance, including stars such as Jane Fonda. Kerry’s future kid got to attend a star studded event before it was even born. That’s one lucky baby.

To add to her continued success, Kerry’s name was on the Oscar presenters list that was released yesterday. Of course it was. Going to parties, filming, and attending awards shows all while nearly ready to give birth to a baby. There’s no stopping this girl.