Behind The Whitney Houston Photo

Were you wondering the story behind this photo? Well, wait no more.

They were taken at a convenient store in Alpharetta, Georgia and proves that the singer is back on crack or something. The word is that Whitney Houston is back on crack. Jamal Mitchell of Marietta, Georgia emailed us photos that he took with the singer. “The once-stunning Grammy winner was photographed at an Atlanta gas station at 4 a.m. one morning last month, looking disheveled and bizarre in pajama bottoms, and a $50,000 fur coat and a messy wig.

Jamal: I was pumping gas and noticed her driving up in a Porsche Cheyenne SUV. She was alone as she pulled into the parking lot of the convient store near GA 400 in Alpharetta. I told my partner, “Yo man, that’s Whitney Houston! ” She got out of the vechiele and purchased 5 or 6 packs of cigarettes. I approached her and asked if I could take a picture. she said, “Sure, Do you have a camera?” I ran to my car where my camera was and she took three pictures with me. She was nice, but she wasn’t the Whitney Houston I was use to seeing on TV and in music videos. She was very thin too and her breath smelled like liquor and smoke.

More on the encounter after the jump.

Tiffany: Did she say anything to you? She posed for three photos, but only two came out clear. Was she friendly, but when I asked for a fourth picture, she laughed and said, “Boy get out my way now, I got to go.” She and I both laughed as she headed to the check out counter.

A music insider told AG that Whitney’s voice is shot from years of cocaine abuse and she and her hubby, Roxbury homey Bobby Brown, are running out of money. The source claims Houston, who underwent rehab at least twice since confessing on TV three years ago she had used cocaine, pills and booze, has blown through her fortune buying drugs and supporting a posse of hangers-on. And because she cannot record, no new cash is coming in.”

We love it. White trash Whitney.

(Thanks to Atlanta Gossip for the dirt.)