Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Vampires Diaries’ went behind the scenes of one of my favorite television series, The Vampire Diaries to catch up with the cast.  Despite the serious tone of the showPaul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and company have a pretty good time with one another (Obviously. Have you seen how good-looking these people are?).  Check out the video (apres the jump) for stories about this season’s most memorable scenes.  For instance, did you know that Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) wasn’t supposed to kiss Bonnie (Katerina Graham)?  It wasn’t in the script, but he went in for the kill anyway.  Needless to say, McQueen’s random act of passion made for great television, because it caught Graham off-guard.  Still, I wish she hadn’t turned him down.  You all know The CW is airing a marathon of the first ten episodes this week, right?  You’ve got two days left to see it all over again before the second half of season two picks up again on Thursday, January 27th at 8pm.

The other day a friend asked me which cast was hotter: Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries.  I believe each cast is a different kind of attractive.  The Upper East Siders are a sophisticated kind of hot, while the Mystic Falls riffraff is more Abercrombie hot.  What do you think?