Behind The Scenes At Escape From Wonderland: Rebecca & Fiona Debuting Their First Live Show

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With a chromatic charm and underground musical allure, Rebecca and Fiona have marched (in their platform shoes, of course!) to the beat of a different drummer. As much as I enjoy DJs, like Swedish House Mafia and The Chemical Brothers, I have to admit the abundance of bromance among the electronic music scene is getting somewhat outdated. I guess I’ll give an ode back to the 90′s, courtesy of the Spice Girls, when I say that its about time we get a breathe of fresh “girl power” air. Ah, which brings me back to Rebecca and Fiona.

In case the fluorescent eye candy isn’t enough to sell you, these two women bounce off one another with both style and flair, entrancing audiences with both their effervescent personality and talent. Which was evident during their kaleidoscopic first live performance at Escape From Wonderland. Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick—though experienced producers, songwriters and vocalists– have never performed with a live set.

Before their set, I got some time to talk to these two before their first live debut performance. 

E. Nusgart: Is it exciting or nerve racking  to be performing live for the first time?

Rebecca & Fiona: Singing is always nerve racking because its more exposing using your own vocals. It’s not so much scary, as an adrenaline rush. We have always wanted to be in a band. Being a DJ is fun, but its the same thing all of the time. More so, we would love to be in a rock band so we can continue to perform live.

E. Nusgart: What music do you guys like to listen to in your free time?

Rebecca & Fiona: We love this band called The Soft Moon.

E. Nusgart: What do you like about them?

Rebecca & Fiona: They’re very dark and nice, we love them. Also, we enjoy listening to Miike Snow and some of our other friends that play Swedish music. We listen to all different kinds of genres, its not always House music, because when we produce that’s all we hear. We try to switch it up.

E. Nusgart: Who would be your ideal artist to remix a track with?

Rebecca & Fiona: We like really nice male vocals, like Phoenix and other kinds of Indie rock. Not heavy metal music though, we like the alternative sound instead of all of the commercial stuff. Actually, we hate commercial stuff.

E. Nusgart: Which is why I think people gravitate to your music because its underground with an acid house tone. It reminds me of Crystal Castles.

Rebecca & Fiona: Yeah, we like them a lot.  They remind us of Shampoo, Ace of Base and T.A.T.U. We liked their spirit a lot and the movement in their music, it wasn’t so much about looks.

E. Nusgart: Speaking of looks, where did you guys adapt your fun style from?

Rebecca & Fiona: From our stylist, Tommy X, he’s one of our biggest inspirations. He’s one of the designers helps with the creative directing for our music videos. He’s amazing. He has a lot of good thoughts and ideas. He doesn’t make music but he also wants to be in a band, so we take everyone who wants to be somehow in the music industry and collaborate with each other.

E. Nusgart: What is it like being one of the only female artists in the electronic music scene, since it’s mainly male dominated?

Rebecca & Fiona: It is a lot of fun! We don’t really care what people say or think. In the beginning, everybody was trying to point fingers about what we did and we would just be known as “Girl DJs.” They would think that we didn’t do our own music just because we are girls. They thought we were there just to party and have a good time, and now we don’t really care. We’re trying to pave the wave for other women who may want to DJ themselves, just trying to inspire people. We are very much feminists, and it is difficult in this business so it has become more of a mission to advocate feminism through our music. That is what we are fighting for.

By Erica Nusgart

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