Becks Wants More Kids Because His Soccer Days Are Obviously Over And He’s Going to Need Something To Do

David Beckham doesn’t seem too concerned about the fact that his season with the L.A. Galaxy appears to be over due to ANOTHER injury. It’s been pointed out that I don’t know shit about soccer and only an ignoramus like me would be pissed off that this bitch just got a boatload of paper and played 1 1/2 games. Yes, I’m a layperson and a vapid troll loudmouth but if I just spent that much money on something – it had better deliver. It was like a gazillion dollars! You woulda thought he came down off the cross to kick the ball around! Bend it like you’re fragile! Anyway, he says that he and Posh want more little future models.

On the possibility of more Beckhams:

At some point…When we first met, we never even spoke about how many kids we wanted. It was just lucky that we both actually wanted around the same number. We both want four or five kids…we’re very family oriented.

On trying to have a girl this time around:

That’s one thing I’ll be trying — changing my diet and wearing tight pants!”

Wouldn’t wearing tight pants IMPEDE sperm count? Is he playing with our heads? How do they do it over in Britain? Though, if you wanna wear tight pants – by all means go for it, HotAss. Bust out those booty chokers!