Beckham’s Want Sons Photo Erased From Yearbook

September 28th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Hmm. From the photos I’ve seen, Brooklyn’s face wasn’t hideous.

Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham‘s eldest son has been blanked out of an official school photo at his parents’ request. Six-year-old Brooklyn’s face has been replaced by a gray blob on every version of the photograph, with the exception of copies going to the Beckhams. A public relations advisor Jose Nguyen tells British newspaper The Mail On Sunday: “Beckham told the headmaster that he did not want other people to see his son’s face and I instructed people to abide by those wishes.” Parents of other pupils at the exclusive Runnymede College in Madrid, Spain, are unhappy with the decision, and some believe that the move could lead to Brooklyn being bullied.

I can understand wanting to protect the child, but his photo has been all over the internet.

Beckham son too famous for school photo [IOL]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mam

    that is so stupid.

  2. Mom

    Being a mother myself, I can understand. Remember, people have TRIED to kidnap his sons. I don’t think they are being pretentious, they are being protective.

  3. veelee

    Poor child. Of course he’s going to get the shit beat out of him. As if having a fairy-boy father and a talentless, ugly-ass mother isn’t already bad enough.
    It’s a f*cking yearbook, for crying out loud.

  4. The Beckhams are too paranoid. If he wants that much privacy, do a friggin Michael Jackson and have his kid wear a mosquito net over his face. Of course that was sarcastic. He should let his kid freely associate with other kids or he’ll be traumatized or something.

  5. MIMI

    I could see if they lived in Columbia , wanting to protect his identitiy, but they are in Spain, and I do not think kidnapping is a problem there. Way to give your son a normal life, just put a grey cloud over every picture. HOW STUPID

  6. LM

    Being a mom, I’m with Mom above. These two are bubbleheads, but there is truly no worse fear than a potential threat to your child. Nor is there any more powerful instinct than to protect him/her. Esp. since they have had security issues, I’d give them a pass on this one. What I find more staggering is the way they spoil the boys with child-sized replica ferraris that cost more than most people’s hondas. Now, that will surely warp the kid more than the yearbook thing.

  7. mam

    Ok I can understand a parent’s need to protect their child but look who we are talking about? These two are clearly idiots. Even if someone has tried to kidnap one of their kids before, what is a blacked out yearbook picture gonna do?? Ive seen that kid in US magazine, how would anyone get access to their yearbook or need to when they could just go to any street corner to see him?

  8. Brian

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to just not put his photo in to begin with?…..DUH!.It’s not exactly a shock that the yearbook comes out is it?

  9. Cheesy

    They don’t want to protect the kid; they just want to control who gets to seem him for what photo op.

    God, were that it was required to have a brain to have gonads.

  10. I would be so pissed if I was their son and grew up having year books filled with gray blobs where my face should be. Treat him normally damn it!

  11. adam

    Actually, kidnapping in Spain is a very big issue. Spanish football players have been “persuaded” not to move to other teams because of their loved ones being kidnapped, or were targetted for a kidnap. This would then be a serious problem for the beckhams, coz how safe can they be when even native spanish football players face this?

  12. Marina

    I recently just heard that the Beckham’s did not ask for his face to be blurred out.

  13. agree

    they are such morons. they act like they are the only celebs with money who have children. i think beckham is hot as hell, but being married to stupid posh makes me think less of him….meaning he is probably equally as dumb.

  14. mnc

    hmmmm… sounds like a poor decision that will only add to the truck load of other issues I am sure little Brooklyn has/will have

    there is a difference between being careful and being paranoid

    poor thing

  15. mint

    Why are they stupid for wanting to protect their son? Say what you like about the Victoria and David but I think they’re being responsible parents.We’re talking about one of the most high profile couples in the world here, and people HAVE tried to kidnap their kids before.

    They don’t want their child’s name and face to be sent out to the homes of every child in the school. People said their pictures are on the internet, but they are usually paparazzi photos which are unclear and not square on the face like in a yearbook.

    And protection from kidnappers aside, their might be some kids at the school who don’t know that the boy is Becks’ son and would treat him differently if they did know.

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