Beckhams Plan to Throw Themselves a Couple of Welcome us to L.A. Parties


The Daily Mail reports that Posh and Becks plan to throw themselves some parties to celebrate their bestowing their fabulousness on America. And the guest list contains some super-annoying people.

The Beckhams are also said to be already planning two lavish parties to mark their arrival into the midst of California’s showbiz elite.

The first, a £500,000 British-themed affair, with roast beef by Gordon Ramsey, will see Cruise and his wife as guests of honour and J-Lo singing.

At the second, Mrs Beckham will introduce herself to the LA Galaxy wives and girlfriends.

How gracious of her ass. I’m sure those wives and girlfriends will be thrilled. And by the way, studies show roast beef is harder to digest when forced to listen to J.Lo sing and Tom talk about how to get rid of thetans. I’d seriously rather splash myself with gasoline and look for matches.

(Images courtesy of Photorazzi)