Beckham’s Having a Tough Time House Hunting

February 19th, 2007 // 16 Comments

Taking a break from finding that perfect home here in the United States, Victoria Beckham took the boys to Disneyland. The day would have been perfect except for the paparazzi that has become a staple of the Beckham’s lives. No wonder that one of Victoria Beckham’s requirements for a new home is that the house is not visible from the street.

English soccer star David Beckham is struggling to find a suitable mansion in his future hometown of Los Angeles after he and his wife reportedly looked at more than 20 homes in the $18 million to $30 million range, the Los Angeles Times said on Sunday.

Part of the problem, the paper said after interviewing realtors hoping to land the lucrative sale, is that the newly signed member of the Los Angeles Galaxy Major League Soccer team does not want a house that would require any remodeling to fit his preferences.

The Beckhams’ real estate agent, Barry Peele, declined to comment to the paper, saying he had signed a “lengthy confidentiality agreement.”


More photos of the Beckham’s trying to enjoy a day at Disneyland after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. LA Shark

    That poor boy is frightend…Leave them the hell alone!

  2. UGH!

    Those poor kids… you know they didn’t have nearly the fun they should have had… ahh well it’s not their failt their Mama’s a press WHORE! She’ll pay for that later when they grow up and start to do drugs and hate her ass for loving fashion and fame more than them. Payback’s a bitch you know? And so is Posh.

  3. mg

    Jealous, UGH? You must be a jealous, overweight porker

  4. margaretta

    I suggest she move near a plastic surgeon who is preferably a Scinetologist where she will be happiest.

  5. newfgirl

    Holy nipples, Batman!!

  6. Trini

    Okay, how long has she been in this business? Long enough, right. Well, even I know that if she goes to Disneyland papparrazi is gonna take over and mess shit up. So why go with your kids, if you truly want them to have fun. Let the nanny or your assistant go with some bodyguards and let your kids have fun. Damn!

  7. Brian Michael

    That boy does look scared, but who takes their kids to a theme park in high heels? Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb.

  8. 2 Old 4 This

    Don’t people as ridiculously wealthy as the Beckhams usually just rent the place for the day???? shut it down for a few dozen of their closest friends?

    Oh and no wonder she’s always got a puss on her face. Look at her feet – she is NOT wearing sensible Disney shoes.

    Momma’s dogs must be barkin’

  9. anna

    The reason she is p*ssed off is that one of her sons has epilpsy and the flashing of the paparazzi cameras can trigger off an attack and puts his health at risk.

    Sites like this should take the decent stand and not post pictures of her son. Each time you do, you encourage the paparazzi to take these photos and put her son’s life at risk.

    Whatever you think of her and how she behaves, she has made a genuine effort to protect her children from the public eye. In the UK she asked that all press and paparazze refrain for taking his picture and they have agreed. I hope that the photographers in the US will have the same respect and consideration for this poor little boy.

    Post as many pictures of her and her husband – she never complains about that – but for the sake of her son, do the decent thing and don’t post anymore pictures of her sons.

  10. AJ

    Anna if she cared so much about her son why didn’t she just rent it? We know they have the money. They could have even asked for better security. But they didn’t.

  11. anna

    Why the hell should she have to rent the place in order to care about her son?!!!!

    It is the most ridiculous thing to think that anyone should have to go to the length of closing down a theme park for a day in order to protect the health of their child. And why should she have to surround him with an army of security fighting off the paparazzi so he can’t enjoy himself.

    All it takes is a little bit of common decency from people not to take pictures of her child – it’s not exactly asking a lot.

    People can live without knowing what her son looks like, and the paparazzi will still make plenty of money out of pictures of his mother and father, but if they continue to take these types of pictures it could lead to this boy ending up in hospital. Surely even you realise how wrong that is!!

  12. pipi

    another example of human waste..victoria is useless and fugly…ewwwwwwwww she’s just vile

  13. thirdcoastgal

    I don’t understand how a woman with so little body fat is both fertile and able to carry children…it doesn’t scientifically make sense.

  14. Wendy

    I thought Posh and Becks had 3 SONS, but I’m not too sure about that kid in the green shirt! What’s up w/ the hair?????

  15. chichi

    Disney has closed for private parties for everyone from Michael Jackson to Lindsay Lohan so she could have asked and they would have done it for her also. She wanted to be seen then it got out of hand so she puts on her indignant act. The really sad part is the kids seem to look like her.

  16. traviesa0218

    All of you are stupid!!! Disney is about going out there and seeing your children’s face when they get to go on the rides and meeting the characters. It’s a family outing and no nanny should ever take that away from a parent. If you guys see the video of this occasion you will see that she truely cares for her boys and will do anything to protect them. At the end of it all she ended up leaving early with her son in her arms crying his eyes out.

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