Beckham is Afraid of Heights, Spiders, and PETA

David Beckham Lord of the balls (soccer balls that is) making decisions of the fashion kind out of fear. While shopping at London’s “Harrods” department store a fox fur coat caught his eye. Designed by Dior, the coat cost around $16,000.

As David looked at himself in the mirror and gazed at his hotness decked out in the fox he fell in love with the red hue. He was on the edge of buying the jacket when his fear of the PETA backlash took over. A source also told “Britain’s Daily Express:”

“His teammates at Real Madrid have no fashion sense and would probably make fun of him if he turned up wearing it.”

Even wifey Victoria is smart enough not piss of the PETA Gods as she has a closet full of faux fur. After a Roberto Cavalli fashion show in 2005 Lady of the Balls had several of the outfits reincarnated into faux furs.

When I first read that David said no to fur my mind instantly assumed poor Victoria was getting a daily wax to keep his hotness happy. The crazy shit we women do to keep world renown athletes with abs you want to eat bacon off of in our beds. Although if I were married to David I would let him shave my head and ride me around like a miniature pony at the circus if it made him happy.

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