Victoria Beckham’s Got A New Kate To Dress Up

British Hollywood locals Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham enjoyed a serious chat about the breast implants they don’t have as they check out Victoria’s husband at the Home Depo Center, where he played for the LA Galaxy during 100 degree heat over the weekend.

Both actresses were there with their families and you just know this was Victoria’s way of showing her former BFF, Katie Holmes, that even though they’re cool and stuff, she’s not the only gig in town. And from the sound of it, Kate might be more inclined to satisfy any other needs Victoria might find that aren’t being met by her adorable, metro-sexual husband.

Later on, I hope they continued their lively conversation over some sushi. I know Kate thinks it’s gross, but she could just as easily not eat anything with Posh at a sushi restaurant as she could at a Mexican place.


8 more photos of Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale with their families are after the jump.

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