Victoria Beckham, Don’t Read This If You Want to Be Surprised on X-Mas

Behind those dark sunglasses, is a published author who admitted over two years ago that she’d never read a book. Well, Victoria Beckham can add to her short list of reading material her Christmas present from hubby, David. He recently purchased a book worth about $1,500 for his style-obsessed wifey for the holidays. It’s a limited edition of “Valentino Garavani: First Name in Fashion,” of which there are only 2,000 copies and this one is even signed by the designer himself. I swear, I do feel kind of bad to be constantly reporting on presents that the loved ones of celebrities have purchased for them, since they have the element of surprise taken away. But then when I hear what they’re getting, I pretty much always stop feeling bad. I mean, if I read on the Internet that I was getting a new car, or a big ol’ honking diamond, I think I could get over it pretty quickly–even if it was a really expensive book I had no intention of actually reading.