September 13th, 2007 // 16 Comments

Here’s some pics from David Beckham’s new calendar. We need more skin. Can’t they get some lockerroom shots? He’s really almost feminine in his beauty, huh? Guys shouldn’t look that flawless. How does one get that tousled yet sexy yet soft as velvet hair? Does Paul Mitchell make “Perfect Hair” in a bottle? Granted, this is some photoshop trickery but I doubt this lad every experiences ingrown hairs or anything? The bastard.

More photos of the calendar boy after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    J Harvey – I feel your pain !

  2. Evil Charity

    He is nice to look at, but have you ever heard him speak? It ain’t pretty.

  3. gerard Vandenberg

    There we have david FUCKING buckham. Good news for your wife: REBECCA LOOS IS COMING!! Although it’s pretty good news for you, isn’t it? Now it’s time for America to meet the other and much more funnier mrs. buckham!!It’s really a nice girl and she owns the ability of SMILING, AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!

  4. tammyv

    These aren’t new pics..these are from the shoot that was done for his website, so they were done before the haircut/bleaching

  5. stolidog

    Yo, Gerard Vandencrazy, relax dude.

    Becks is a god, and it upsets me that there are people that attractive out there.

  6. James

    I’d let him fuck me.

  7. stolidog

    yeah James? well, i’d make him a nice salad.

  8. factory girl

    I saw him last year, he was standing right in front of me and he really looks this good.

    His skin is absolutely perfect!

  9. Persistent Cat

    He’s so hot, it’s ridiculous. My husband doesn’t even get annoyed that I love him, he’s just so hot.

  10. julie

    For real, he’s beautiful but am I the only one who thinks this photo shoot looks cheap? His profit margin will be so high!

  11. Ken

    Who shot these? Ugh! It looks they were taken by Posh with a point at shoot she picked up at Tesco.

  12. Ugh

    His arms are way too skinny and he’s not really got any shoulders.

  13. t-s

    what model was that sunglasses?

  14. He’s not just pretty, he’s poity.

  15. ZeldaF

    Rebecca Loos is a bisexual two bit whore who tried to make her claim to fame by schtooping someone elses husband. She says yes, he says no – who knows – who caraes??? But we can see why you’d be so proud of her, coming from a country whose best known for eating sea eels, exporting stinky cheese and little boys who stick their fingers in leaking dikes. Or would that be “dykes”…..

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