Because He Was High: George Michael Admits Drug Driving

Remember a few months ago when singer George Michael crashed his car into a shop front? Yeah, it was because he was high. I know, you’re shocked. Good thing you were sitting down.

The 47-year-old star admitted possessing cannabis cigarettes for his own use and was released with an interim six-month driving ban.

However, the big sentence will come at a later date once the court reviews the progress of a community service order imposed in 2007.

This latest incident is the fifth time Michael has been investigated by police for his driving. Really, why don’t these rich people have drivers? I don’t get this.

Michael has been open about his use of cannabis in the past, saying that he was ‘constantly trying to smoke less’. Last year, the star told the Guardian he had cut down from 25 joints a day to ‘seven or eight’.

25 joints a day? Wow. Or should I say, WHAM! Here he is leaving court today in London!